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Exceeding Your Expectations

First Source and Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) legislation requires the real estate development and construction community to adhere to contracting and hiring requirements that ensure participation and inclusion of D.C. residents and businesses.

Because each project may involve a unique set of regulations, maintaining compliance can be confusing and costly. We eliminate this confusion by partnering with you through the process to mitigate risks, and negotiate on your behalf to help you meet or surpass participation goals. We are proactive in identifying potential roadblocks, allowing you to complete projects without the worry of falling out of compliance. 

For general contractors and developers, we also identify qualified, vetted contractors to help meet SBE/CBE project participation goals. Services include:

  • First Source Compliance and monitoring for Developers and General Contractors

  • First Source review and submission for General Contractor and Subcontractor compliance management

  • Old versus New First Law review of project goals and requirements.  Establish protocols for managing compliance efforts and waivers

  • CBE compliance and certifications.  We help identify qualified SBE/CBE companies to achieve mandated CBE participation goals on D.C. projects 

  • MBE/CMBE Compliance and monitoring for Developers, General Contractors and subcontractors operating in Maryland, and specifically Prince George’ County.

  • DAVIS BACON ACT Compliance and monitoring for General Contractors and subcontractors via Project-based hard copy,  LCP Tracker, Elations, Department of Labor.

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